Owl Tattoos Archive

Grave and barn owl

  A barn owl is depicted standing above a grave. The grave contains a couple of dates which could correspond to the birthdate, and the day in which someone will die. Though, the second date is hidden on the year. This could be the birthdate of the guy with this tattoo or perhaps of some

Barn owl tattooed on the chest

Dmitriy Samohin surprises us with this beautiful tattoo on his chest, it’s a barn owl with outstretched wings all over his chest. The combination of warm colors (mostly brown and some shades) combines with the soft white and gray shades give it a realistic look. Carrying a tattoo of an owl symbolizes wisdom and wealth.

Old fashion tattoo of an owl

  Beautiful owl tattoo done on the lower leg. A collaboration of our visitors (and friend) Dani Cobain. In this work we can see dark shades and a design that is more like old school tattoos, along with a gradient which helps the feathers look “soft”. The owl perches on a branch and appreciate a

Owl tattoo on thigh

Located in this lady’s leg is this great and colorful owl (mainly pink and blue ink), a tattoo done wth great detail and patience, no doubt, hard work for the artist. The combination of colors and location make tattoo on projection manner.

Owl tattoo in calf

  A beautiful design of an owl made ??in the calf of a man. It is an owl in whose bosom we can see a design similar to a mandala. Around the body are curved lines that resemble the forest flora. By Šablinskait? Silvija tattoo artist who works at “Super 7” studio in the city