Peace Tattoo Archive

Dove and olive twig

A dove carrying an olive branch, a symbol of peace. It is actually a biblical reference, part of the Genesis and the Noah’s Ark. In this story the dove is seen as the message sent by God about the diluve being over. The figure is so iconic that nowadays white doves are still seen as

Tattoo about peace and love

  A simple tattoo with great meaning. It is a couple of tattoos on wrists, on one side it is the phrase Let it out written above the symbol of peace; on the other side is the phrase Let it in over a heart which represents love. Let the peace go out, and let the love go

Multiple tattoos and their meaning

Now it was the Alberto Sanchez  turn, who sent us this photo via Facebook fanpage and told us a little history behind tattoos. The anchor is a symbol of strength and AC are the initials of his father, on the other hand the owl is a symbol of wisdom and in his right hand will

Tree tattooed on wrist

Tree tattooed on wrist with peace symbol.

Little peace symbol tattoo

Peace symbol, a nice design, little and discreet.