Peter Aurisch Archive

Zebra tattoo by Peter Aurisch

Created by the talented hands of the tattooist Peter Aurisch, a zebra with a very original design. Made with black ink only white and some green on the back of the leg. Is a zebra carrying a monocle, and behind as a picture is something of pasture. You can see Peter Aurisch designs.

Fox tattoo by Peter Aurisch

  One of my favorite tattoo artists, Peter Aurisch, who works in the city of Berlin, Germany. His works often revolve thematic beauty and nature, and combined with geometric elements with an appeal between abstract and cubism. This time it is a fox done with red and black ink. From his head there are coming

Abstract bear by Peter Aurisch

  Tattoo of a bear with an abstract style by artist Peter Aurisch, previously we have seen other works by him and this style is very distinctive, almost unique. Bear design becomes simpler as you go down and then starts another design. Work done on the shoulder and part of the arm of a woman.

Walrouse and rabbit tattoo by Peter Aurisch

By Peter Aurisch.

Owl tattoo by Peter Aurisch

Peter Aurisch is a recognized worldwide tattooist, a work more of he. See another Peter Aurisch tattoos. or are you interested to see more owls?