Phoenix Archive

Blue Phoenix tattoo

  A beautiful blue bird done by the artist Marty McEwen from Black 13 Tattoo. By shape it resembles to the mythical Phoenix, although this one is made with blue tones instead of the classical red and orange ones. According to the legend, the Phoenix is a bird capable of reborning out of its ashes

Phoenix tattoo on the back for girls

  A variation of the classic phoenix tattoos. Usually these tattoos are large and made with red/orange ink, however, this is an interesting exception. This is a design made with black ink only, fire effect is obtained by a series of  disorderly curved lines that remind the fire. Tattoo done on the upper back of

Phoenix tattoo on the back

  Tattoo of a phoenix, the bird of fire, made ??with black ink and red outlines. The drawing shows this mythological bird in all its glory. An awesome tattoo done along the entire back of this woman, and the result is impressive.

Phoenix bird on upper back

  The phoenix, or the bird of fire, in all its splendor, tattooed on the top of the back on one of the shoulder blades. Made of red, orange and yellow ink to simulate being on fire. A symbol of rebirth and improvement, as it is a bird that always emerges from its own ashes.

Phoenix bird leg tattoo

  Phoenix  Bird tattoo, the Firebird, made ??in the thigh and leg of a woman. Unfortunately  the whole tattoo can’t  be appreciated clearly due to the angle from which the photo was taken, but it looks like it is a very good job.