Phrases Tattoo Archive

Made In England Tattoo on Foot

A tattoo created by the hand of tattoo artist Cara Delevigne, with which this woman shows the world the great love she has for the country of her birth, none other than England. Not an easy task either, being in an area that is pretty sensitive to any type of stimulation.  

For all the bad that seems to plague us

  A tattoo of a phrase on the arm. It says For all the bad that seems to plague us, I swear to you there’s good. It is a fragment of the song The Castle Builders from La Dispute. The font is similar to a classical Roman, and bellow the lyric there is a minimalistic arrow.

A very special birthday

At first glance this tattoo represents only a couple of dates, but the reality is much more interesting. These are the birthdays of the parents of the girl with this tattoo (19th of August and 1st May). Often people seek tattoos which symbolize their loved ones: siblings, parents, children, husband or wife. Made at studio Trinity Tattoos

She’s lost control (arm tattoo)

Tattoo in the middle of the arm of a girl,  it is a group of waves that cover all the arm. Bellow is the phrase “She’s lost control”. It is a tattoo inspired Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures. She’s lost control is the 6th song of this album, and personally the best of it. Tattoo done by Felipe

How strange it is to be anything at all Tattoo

In this tattoo, located on the arm is the phrase in English “How strange it is to be anything at all“. A phrase that can be seen as a mesage between the nihilistic and existential but also as a message of the great joy that is being alive. The ornaments that accompany this phrase give it