Phrases Tattoo Archive

Believe tattooed behind the ear

The world Believe, tattooed just behind the ear. This is what is typically known as a lettering tattoo. Written with capital letters which are not completely straight. A simple tattoo which for sure is a reminder of perseveration, done in a good looking place although not exactly discrete.

Life is sweet tattoo

A tattoo with a “sweet message”, or we could even say a sweet tattoo. It is a colorful cupcake with a small slice of orange on the top; the cupcake is surrounded by a detail similar to a frame. In the low part we can see a message that says: Life is sweet. Finally in the

Adelaide tattoo

This girl has tattooed on the inside of the right arm the name of a major Australian cities, Adelaide. It is a simple tattoo, without any color or special ornaments. Maybe this girl is natural to Adelaide or perhaps this delighted with this wonderful city.

Wool heart tattoo

A tattoo designed by Alena Chun from the city of Portland, Oregon. It shows a design of a red hear made from wool, behind the design theres a couple of nitting needles, and above the heart a note with the word “Crafty”. A beautiful tattoo with nice shapes and shadows which talks about passions and

Cute squid tattoo

The great artist Bonnie, from the studio Skin Stories Tattoos, designed this tattoo which portrays a small baby squid caricatured and colored with vivid inks. To the right of this adorable character it’s the phrase in English “Let’s cuddle?” A request about getting some love I guess.