Phrases Tattoo Archive

Stay in touch tattoo

An arm tattoo of a telephone with the message “Stay in touch”.  It’s pretty much safe explanatory.

Donnie Darko Tattoo

Why are you wearing that stupid man Suit? that’s the memorable phrase at the movie Donnie Darko. One of my favorite moives. Terrifying and impressive.

Peace phrase tattoo

 A Tattoo of a peace phrase which says: “Our vision for this world will not die when we are dead”  A beautiful phrase which looks great in the typography chosen for it.

Phrase tattoo on the forearm

A tattoo of a phrase, I do not know why until today I post something like that. The phrase says “Everything changes, nothing perishes” The original phrase is Omnia mutantur, and is mentioned in the book of Metamorphosis of Ovid. This classic of Roman literature composed of 15 books. This book has some of the

Don’t fool yourself tattoo

A very simple tattoo done on the hand of a boy, it is the phrase don’t fool yoursel written in italics.  For some reason I think this phrase is recreating his own handwriting, or perhaps, of some close one to him