Phrases Tattoo Archive

Without struggle there is no strength

A tattoo located on the arm arm of a girl. In this case it a phrase written with a classic typewriter fontm, it says: “Without struggle there is no strength“. A phrase about endurance and resilence. We are facing a tattoo with a very deep meaning, it invites us to keep fighting and not give

Adie tattooed on the leg

A picture that at first glance represents the nefarious Grim. It is an elegantly dressed skeleton, along with the characteristic sickle.At the bottom it reads the phrase “Adieu” written in French. It translates as “Goodbye” The composition as a whole, although it seems cartoonish, represents the departure from this world of a person.

Seguo il mio cuore

A tattoo with a cute phrase written in Italian: “seguo il mio cuore” which translated to Englush would be something like “I follow my heart.” This phrase has a very deep and beautiful  meaning.

Stay gold tattoo on feet

The phrase Stay Gold is what is tattooed on the lower leg of this man. A message that is used as a memento about remaining just as we are, you never have to change for someone else. A deep meaning, and a nice way to always remember it.

FTW tattoo on the leg

A tattoo with the word “FTW”(For the Win ), done with big and  print style font. Just beside this, there’s a cartoon of a gorilla with an intriguing look. I don’t know what the relation between this two tattoos may have, but each one is atractive on its own.