Pirate Tattoo Archive

Stormtrooper Jolly Roger tattoo

The helmet of a Stormtrooper with a design that resembles the classic pirate-style skull (The Jolly Roger). Done with dark ink with a little splash of red. By Cynthia Rudzis at Cirque Du Rouge @ Washington DC

Pirate skeleton girl tattoo

 An interesting tattoo of a pirate skeleton girl. Done on the calf of a girl. A funny details is the fact that the pirate girls also has her own tattoos done with blue ink. A tattoo on another tattoo, we gotta goo deeper man!

Pirate skull tattoo on arm

yo ho, yo ho. Pirate skull tatto, done by Jasmine from Unbreakable Tattoo studio at California City.

Pirate skull tattoo

The title explains it very well. A colored bright.

Pirate Octopus tattoo

I say just one thing: FUCK YEAH, it is great.