Planets Tattoo Archive

Astronaut standing on the moon (tattoo)

In the picture we see an astronaut walking on what seems to be our natural satellite, the moon. The background is colorful with all sort of cosmic objects such as star, planets and even nebulas. The lines of this tattoo are definetly not the best, but the idea and coloring are magnific. Work done by

Saturn planet tattoo

The planet Saturn tattooed in the nape of a girl. Designed with simple curves, this great planet  which is symbol of security and stability is portrayed with unparalleled simplicity. The simple lines and the fact that is made only with black ink make it outstanding.

Spaceship tattoo on hand

In this cute tattoo on hands we can see a small spaceship located on the fourth finger of the woman that simulates a long journey to an unknown planet located in the middle finger of the opposite hand. The size of the tattoo does not detract in the least the essence of it.

Solar system tattoo on the back

  An interesting tattoo of the ??solar system along the entire back of a woman. You can see the sun and each of the planets orbiting around it, and accompanied each of this by its astronomical symbol. You can see more tattoos like this in our section planets tattoos. A colorful tattoo that has been

30 Seconds to Mars tattoo

An arm tattoo inspired on the glyphs used by the alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. There are several theroies about the meaning of these symbols, none of them has been confirmed so far by Jared Leto or any member of the band. Acording to some theories this glyphs mean (from right to left):