Planets Tattoo Archive

Planet tattoos on the back

All the solar system tattooed on the back. It’s kind of as to think that Pluto is no longer a planet, but on the other hand is a story we may be able to tell our kids: back in our days there used to be a planet called Pluto, there in the edge of the solar

Jupiter tattoo

The Jupiter astrological symbol on the arm, done by Alex at Industrial Tattoo (Berkeley, CA).

Colorful tattoos on arms

Much color is impressive. A girl shows her two tattoos on arms: a set of planets of the system, and a purple octopus. Tattoos done in the Taguatinga  studio- Federal District, Brazil.

Physics tattoo on arm

With issues of physics and the universe, this geek tattoo has fascinated me.

Galaxy tattoo on arm

Galaxy tattooed on arm, to be precise it is what is known as The Pillars of Creation. One of the most famous space photographs.