Plants Tattoo Archive

Pochahontas Leaves Tattoo

Leaves of different sorts and colors, drawn by Sage Seldin of Passage Hammonton studio, which appear in on of the most famous scenes of the animated Disney film, “Pocahontas”. This movie centers around one of the most popular legends of European colonization in North America, that of the Indian woman Pocahontas and the soldier John

Avocado Tattoo on Forearms

Who in their right mind would choose this tattoo? That’s exactly what I wondered, the first day I saw this tattoo. Call it original, but you can’t deny the fact that having two avocado halves tattooed on your body isn’t exactly normal.  

Cat Hiding in Leaves Tattoo

At least this is the impression I get from this tattoo, done by Austin, one of the artists of the team at Ironclan Tattoo in Salt Lake City. A very autumnal design, where you can find a portrait of this woman’s cat, doing one of its favorite things, snuggling up inside piles of fallen autumn

Tatuaje de corazón floral

Un bonito dibujo realizado por el tatuador ucraniano Maxim Novodvorskiy del estudio Blackout Tattoo Workshop, en el que una flor (no se mucho de botánica) cae hacia delante, sujetada por una cuerda con la forma de un corazón. Un precioso detalle para demostrarle a esa persona que tanto quiere, lo mucho que le importa, sin

Red fern on leg

  A red fern, which is actually hard to find as the amount of time they remain that color is too short, then they simply turn green. It may represent the novel Where the red fern grows, written by Wilson Rawls in 1961. This tattoo is a symbol of appreciation to both the novel and