Plants Tattoo Archive

Cactus tattoo on leg

Tattoo located on the thigh, it is a colorful combination of plants that contrast both in shapes and environments. We can appreciate different cactus with small flowers, and also three big red roses in the lower part. A tattoo that captures the beauty of the plants, ideal for botanists perhaps?

Autumn leaf tattoo on leg

Justin Gills, important member of Blackbird, delights us with this tattoo on the leg in which there is a sheet with a master of fine autumnal style details and a spectacular coloration astonished leaving more than one. This tattoo was done in Nashville, Tennessee.

Four leaf clover tattoo on the back

Located in the middleof the back of this woman displays a four-leaf clover tattoo made with gray ink. This is a tattoo that is clearly about luck, as these symbols are seens as lucky charms. Although it does not have many details, this tattoo on the back it’s really nice.

Vine tattoo on the back

A large vine tattooed across the back of a woman. The stem and leaves are tattooed with black ink only,while the flowers are highlighted with purple sepals and white petals. The vines are usually tattoos that wrap limbs, but this design in which the vine is falling through back is very attractive.  

Growing plant tattoo

  This tattoo has fascinated me. It iss a series of drawings showing the growth of a plant, since it is a seed to blooming. Below, with roman style font, comes the quote How strange it is to be anything at all. Done on the upper back of a girl.