Plants Tattoo Archive

Herb tattoo on stomach

  Tattoo of a herb-plant with ribbons  shape done on the hip and abdomen of a woman. This work was done by Anil Gupta, a prestigioustattoo artist from InkLine studio in NY.

Cradle tattoo on arm

  A baby’s cradle tattooed on the arm of a woman. Around the cradle there are growing some vines growing with yellow flowers. Tattoo done by Kirsten Holliday, from Icon Tattoo studio, located in the city of Portland, OR.

Herb tattoo on forearm

  A tattoo of an herb  on the forearm of a girl, made with black ink only. The interesting thing of this design is that it was done with an Impressionist like style . An interesting drawing but perhaps should have been smaller.

Branch and flowers tattoo on the chest

  Tattoo of a tree branch across the chest of a man. There are also  a couple of blossoms and flowers on the branch. and a black stain sort of an ink splatter. Tattoo done by artist Lenad Nada.

Thistle’s flower tattoo

A tattoo of thistle’s flower, a plant known for its singular appearance. Its flower is purple and the body of this has thorns. A symbol of nature with great beauty. Tattoo done on the arm of a girl.