Plants Tattoo Archive

Vine tattoo on calf

  A vine tattooed on the calf of a girl. Done with a lot of detail to make it look as real as possible, the drawing shows the vine holding around the calf. A very elegant tattoo for girls.

Autumn leaves tattoo

   It’s not autumn yet, but this tattoo really has that feeling. It is a drawing of several dried leaves floating on the air. Tattoo done on the neck of a guy by the artist Amanda Grace from Black 13 tattoo studio. I personally find every work of her amazing.

Art nouveau style

  A tattoo with an art nouveau style.  It is the portrait of a ginger girl. The art nouveau emerged and was quite popular at the end of XIX, during this period artists tried to make realistic drawings and also enhance the beauty of the nature. In this work we can see there are the autumn leaves floating

Three leaf clover tattoo

A tattoo of a three leaf clover done on the forearm of a girl. The clover is done by “only one line” like if it was a ribbon. The leaf have the typical heart shape of this plant. A tattoo about good luck.

Several tattoos on stomach of girl

Three beautiful tattoos on the stomach of a girl. On the left side there’s the skull of a bird and a couple of roses; on the right side it’s a cat; and on the middle is the communist symbol, the sickle with wheat.