Plants Tattoo Archive

Wheat tattoo for girl

Wheat tattoo done on hips and stomach of a girl.

Red ink tattoo of plants

Tattoo of plants done with red-pink ink. Work done by Kaylene from Wicked Ink Penrith @ NSW, Australia. It reminds me of this other tattoo done with only blue ink.

Double X tattoo

A couple of “X” tattooed on the legs of a girl. Around each “X” there ‘s a bay laurel.

Feet tattoos at El Monga Sasturain

A couple of old fashioned tattoos on the feet. At one foot there’s a tattoo of a snake with a sword and the Anuit Coeptis set on fire. On the other one, there’s a skull from which plants are growing. Both were done at the tattoo studio El Monga Sasturain at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shel Silverstein tattoo

 The Thinker of Tender Thoughts,  a drawing originally done by the artist Shel Silverstein, whose drwaings and poems inspired a complete generation of kids; and now that he’s gone he inspires many more, because the death closes the doors from envy, and opens the doors to fame. Check out other Shel Silverstein’s inspired tattoos.