Plants Tattoo Archive

Tattoo by Ibi Rothe

A hand inside a bottle, done by the german tattooist Ibi Rothe

Tree in fractals tattoo

 Tree tattooed on leg. What attracted me of this tattoo is style of it, it is a composition fractal style.

Idea of destiny

Our fan djMagor shares his tattoo via Twitter with the comment that this tattoo represents his idea about the destination. The Yin Yang is the symbol of balance, and of  it arise branches which represent the paths we take in life, with every decision, new possibilities arise. What do you think?

Spike tattoo

A wheat spike tattoo on arm and around it a ribbon. I don’t know his meaning. Done by Darlene from Fat ram’s Pumpkin studio in Jamaica.

Planet tattooed on foot

Simple and discreet, the Earth planet  tattooed on the back foot, a slightly painful place.