Plants Tattoo Archive

Autumn leaf tattoo

Certainly we are still in autumn. Some people enjoy  tattooed  their favorite stations symbols and this is the case.

Tattoos on ankles

A couple with tattoos on ankles, by one side a Batman symbol, and in the other a Hibiscus leaf.

Three leaf clover tattoo

Clover tattoo on forearm. The detail and the color gradient has been impeccable.

Life and dead scenery tattoo

Tell me  that I’m terrible with titles, but I could not give another title to this artwork. And this tattoo surely will be even more fantastic when they finish the detailed and the colors of the rest.

Baobab tattoo

Baobab tattoo,  coloring and details are more than perfect. Tattoo designed and done in Tattoo I got by Dave Walz in the Integrity Tattoos studio, Belleville IL.