Pokémon Tattoo Archive

Raich pokemon tattoo

Tattoo of Raichu, the evolution of pikachu on the anime/cartoon series of Pokémon. Work done by Ben @ Soul Tattoo at Mansfield, MA.

Pikachu tattoo on arm

A Pikachu Tattoo, from the cartoon and video game series of Pokemon by Nintendo. Check out our sections of pokemon tattoos and gamer tattoos in case you are looking for original ideas.

Bulbasaur tattoo

Bulbasaur tattoo, one of starters from classic pokemons,

Squirtle like a sir tattoo

All a gentleman that Squirtle is not it? (Look bones) Do you want to see more Pokemon tattoos?

Haunter (Pokemon) tattoo

I tell you something? The ghost type Pokemon were my favorites. A funny Haunter tattoo, although badly taken photo.