Portrait Tattoo Archive

Old man smoking

An hyper realistic portrait of an old man smoking cigarettes. The old man has cold blue eyes which denote concentration. The messy facial hair together with the wrinkles all around the face gives the man an aspect of anger but also of wisdom. The tattoo seems to be popping out through the arm as if

Covered Woman Tattoo on Arm

A beautiful woman drawn in profile, who is leaving something to the imagination with her clothing, done in the tattoo studio Skindiggers. The woman is drawn in high contrast black and white, creating a game of light and shadows that is quite interesting.

Potrait tattooed on shoulder and arm

A highly realistic tattoo of a portrait. It is a woman of middle age which I cannot tell who she is (I think is some familiar member). Portrait tattoos are really hard to do and I could even say just a few talented hands are able to do it in each country. This work was

Marilyn Monroe tattoo

  This is pure art I gotta say. It is by far one of the most interesting works I have seen recently. It is an uncommon portrait of Marilyn Monroe which has been done with triangles of all sizes to create the portrait with details and shadings.

Mr White (Breaking Bad Tattoo)

  A tattoo that is a tribute to one of the biggest and most succesful tv series in recent years: Breaking Bad. I most admit that for me the characters of that show were amazing and meaningful, each of them having a fully developed personality and way of being. Of course the main character Walter