Portrait Tattoo Archive

Mystic woman tattoo

A tattoo across the whole ar. In it, there a woman full of mysticism, done with turquoise blue hues and full of mysticism elements. Surrounded by beautiful ornaments and with a stare, this is a tattoo that one more like it.

Beautiful girl tattooed on the arm

A beautiful drawing of a girl tattooed on the arm of a girl. It is done with a lot of realism but at the same time it seems to be a little phantasy because of her hair. This monochromatic tattoo is simply perfect.

Woman’s portrait on the shoulder

A tattoo of a woman with blue hair which is “dripping” onto the arm of the gentleman, just as if it was made with paint rather than ink. Tattoo done with fine details, undoubtly it was done by  an artist with a lot of talent. Perhaps the flowers that the woman wears on her shoulder

Girl with Dead make up

  The tattoos about Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos) have become very popular, and this one highlights among many for its originality. It is a portrait of a woman with a make up of this day. There are small details like flowers  around the face, similar to how you decorate the sugar skulls.

The moon and woman tattoo

  A portrait of the Moon (with face) and a woman looking into his eyes. There are small stars between the two. The woman is carrying a couple of roses and leaves between her hair. A job done old school style.