Portrait Tattoo Archive

Geisha tattoo on arm

  Geisha tattoo done with black and red ink only. Based on the picture of the DA artist Japanesque by Karincoma. The fact just using red and black ink high contrast creates very attractive look. Finally I invite you to see more Japanese themed tattoos.

Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski

  Did you see the movie The Great Lebowski? If yes, great, if not, run now to rent it. A funny tattoo of Jesus Quintana, from this film, who has a particular way of playing bowling. Tattoo done by Shane O’Neill with impressive realism.

Jim Morrison’s portrait tattoo

  Portrait of the great singer Jim Morrison, lead singer of the band The Doors, also known as The Lizard King. Famous for his voice and key to the success of the memorable band. Too sad to know that he belongs to the club of “The 27”. Portrait done with great realism as usually all

Elizabeth Taylor portrait

  The portrait of Elizabeth Taylor in her youth tattooed on the forearm of a man. A beautiful woman considered one of the most gorgeous actresses of all time, and this work will reflect it. Tattoo done by Shane O’Neill.

Salvador Dali portrait

  A portrait of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. He is seen with his eyes closed and his distinctive mustache, as once told the media, he achieved this look by using honey, according to him,  in order to attract flies and eat them. Undoubtedly Salvador Dali was a great artist, as much as he was crazy.