Portrait Tattoo Archive

Woman and fox tattoo

Tattoo on the leg of a young woman. It has not yet color ink. This is a design of a woman who is wearing a fox fur over his head beneath it there are a couple of roses. A design that resembles the Native American Style. Made by Solomon form the Trofatter Splash Color studio

Portrait tattoo by Amanda Wachob

  A cartoon-style portrait made ??in the abdomen of a girl. This is a minimalist drawing which shows a woman squatting, from the hair of the woman it emerges another’s woman face. Tattoo done by the artist Amanda Wachob of who can view other jobs here.

Baby on hands tattoo

  There are few artist who can recreate realism like in this tattoo. This is a work done by Denis Sivak with only black ink. It is a highly realistic drawing in which a baby is being held in the hands of his father. It is a well known photo pose which has been recreated

Albert Einstein’s Portrait

  Considered one of the greatest geniuses of the twentieth century, scientist and physicist Albert Einstein tattooed on a young calf. It looks the scientist posing with hands crossed and with a gentle smile. A stunning realistic tattoo done by Shane O’Neill in Middletown, Delaware.

Christ tattoo

The portrait of Jesus tattooed on the shoulder of a young woman. A great religious figure undoubtedly. We see the figure of Christ wearing the crown of thorns, therefore we can assume that is an image inspired by The Station of the Cross.