Portrait Tattoo Archive

Alice Cooper portrait tattoo

A portrait tattoo of the famous rockstar, Alice Cooper. Done in the look of him back in the 70s-and early 80’s when his album of the moment was Welcome to my nightmare. A great job with realism and incredible detail.

Abstract portrait tattoo

  A tattoo of the portrait of a woman with a somewhat abstract style. It has a rough image and a surprise musical box as a hat. Made with only black ink by the tattoo artist Madame Chan who is a “traveling” tattooer at Belgium, Germany, New York and in England.

Amazing tattoo on chest

  A tattoo, or we could say that there are three of them, done in the chest of a man. These are three different portraits on one side is a figure showing the internal anatomy of the thorax of a man, on the other side is the same person in a portrait wearing clothes, and

Tattoo in process by Melissa Valiquette

  If you had ever wondered how the process of making a color tattoo with great details. This photo shows the progress after the first session of a tattoo done by the artist Melissa Valiquette. It is the portrait of a woman smoking while on the other hand she holds a flame and several envelopes

Portrait tattoo by Eckel from Conspiracy Ink

An impressive portrait of a girl tattooed on the arm. A work done by the tattoo artist Eckel from Conspiracy Ink Tattoo Studio located at Berlin, Germany. The drawing was done in a Victorian fashion and it reminds me to Elizabeth from the Bioshock Infinite videogame . I know she is not, but it sure resembles a lot.