Portrait Tattoo Archive

Realistic tattoo of Pinhead

This is a tattoo which I may it’s strange and curious. Curious because of the great detail with which it was done; strange because it is inspired in the horror movies saga Hellraiser. From which I would only suggest you to watch the first two (of course, if you like horror movies). The character is

How to fix a tattoo

Before getting a tattoo we must make sure of the kind of tattoo that we want to get, and we also have to make sure we are convinced about the design we are going to pick, as making a mistake in this aspect could bring serious consequences upon us. It is because of people who

Pin up girl tattoo on arm

A pin up girl tattoo done at the arm of a boy. Pin up was a fashion trend that began at the end of XIX century, but which became popular til the 40’s. Nowadays the pin up is a popular style in many artistic and fashion photographies. Work done by the talented tattoo artist Marco

Mexican skull girl tattoo of Mike Mazariegos

Our fan Mike Mazariegos from México shares us his brand new tattoo. It’s a girl who is half skull (mexican style). I am really glad to hear the stories from our visitors who tell me they found inspiration for their tattoos in this website, I hope I can keep up with this project and I

Salvador Dali’s inspired tattoo

A portrait tattoo of Salvador Dalí with a melting clock and the surreal landscapes he used to paint. On rightmost of the work there’s an owl. An amazing arm tattoo.