Portrait Tattoo Archive

In love couple tattoo

Tattoo of a romantic couple holding together with a deep look between them. Tattoo done at the arm of a girl by the tattoo artist Valerie Vargas.

Shoulder tattoo by Lenad

Lenad Nada is a talented tattoo artist which somehow hasn’t become well known yet, but his works are breathtaking. Lenad began as a graffiti artist, and after several years he now combines his urban knowledge with ink to make these impressive works.

Candelabra tattoo on the neck

 A candelabra tattooed on the neck of a girl. Work done by the tattoo artist Mark VanNess at Oak City Tattoo Raleigh, Carolina del Norte.

A whale tattoo… is it?

Is it a whale or a man with beard? It’s all upon the perspective. Done by Kevin from Expanded Eye.

Kissing the moon (tattoo)

An old school fashioned tattoo of a girl kissing the moon.