Punk Tattoo Archive

For all the bad that seems to plague us

  A tattoo of a phrase on the arm. It says For all the bad that seems to plague us, I swear to you there’s good. It is a fragment of the song The Castle Builders from La Dispute. The font is similar to a classical Roman, and bellow the lyric there is a minimalistic arrow.

Milo tattoo (The Descendents)

Another tattoo inspired in the cartoon of Milo, from the punk band The Descendents. Quite a simple cartoon but with a great meaning for those who grew up hearing these and other punk bands. If I had tho choose which is my favorite song from them I would say When I get old .

Alkaline Trio logo tattoo

Tattoo of the punk band Alkaline Trio, it is the logo of the band with a fragment of the Help me lyrics: “Took the stairs to the stars all alone“.

The Descendents skull tattoo

For all the punk spuls who love the bands from the 80’s and 90’s. A tattoo of the band The Descendents. It is a skull of Milo, our friend who will never want to grow up. Tattoo done on the biceps of a man.

Black flag’s logo on the back

Punk souls. Anyone who loves Black Flag would find ths tattoo perfect. It may look at first sight as a strange tattoo, but not if you grew up hearing them.