Rainbow Tattoo Archive

Heart-rainbow tattoo

A heart tattooed on the feet of a girl, inside the heart it’s a rainbow. A very happy and colorful tattoo.

Beatles music tattoo

John Lenon tattoo accompanied with one of his favorite phrases: You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. All this accompanied with music and color. A completely original design.

Colored pegasus tattoo

Colored pegasus tattoo on arm, gradient looks good, although picture was taken with Instagram and that makes the picture doesn’t see clearly.

Rainbow and a star tattoo

A very cute tattoo for women, is a rainbow that makes staff for musical notes, rather than a musical key is a star. Excellent concept.

Rainbow tattoo

The rainbow is often associated immediately to the gay community, however, it is noteworthy that it is a symbol of diversity and coexistence, so it’s beliefs, cultures, religions and more. A great idea.