Realist Tattoo Archive

Faygo Soda

  A Soda? Yes, as odd as it may sound this guy decided to get an extreme strange tattoo of a Faygo soda. A drink that you can find in several different flavors. It is a hyper realistic tattoo in which you can see all single details of the can and the drops falling out

Potrait tattooed on shoulder and arm

A highly realistic tattoo of a portrait. It is a woman of middle age which I cannot tell who she is (I think is some familiar member). Portrait tattoos are really hard to do and I could even say just a few talented hands are able to do it in each country. This work was

Pinhead (Hellraiser Movies)

  Tattoo representing Pinhead, one of the characters in the film saga Hellraiser. Pinhead is one of the Cenobites, those who love to experiment with all the pain of torture. The background contain several chains which remind us to several scenes of the movies. It is a highly realistic tattoo that we could think is a photo

Ant drinking water (tattoo)

Resat Gül surprises us once again with this hyper-realistic tattoo. It is a design of a thirsty ant drinking water from a pond. The details of this work are such that make it look almost like a real scene. Despite having used only dark inks,  the design has a lot of vitality because of the

Tattoo of a jungle scene

Ian (from Ink Tattoo) surprises us with this highly detailed armpiece, with high details that make it look almost as photography. It is a colorful tattoo with a jungle scenario in which three typical animals from this environment can be seen: a monkey, a fierceful pantera and a wise snake.