Realist Tattoo Archive

Robocop realist tattoo

JJ Javier, member of Bodystain Tatoo and Piercing, did this tattoo on his arm which put great care and dedication. The image is portrayed very famous character of the 80’s movies: Robocop. The studio is located at  Columbus, OH., so visit it if you have the opportunity.

Heart tattoo on chest

A realistic heart tattoo, tattooed on the chest of a man. It was done with black and grat colors. We can appreciate that there are several lines that come out of the veins and arteries of the heart, which show the course of the blood. It is certainly a great work by the artist for

Portrait of a woman tattooed on arm

This time we present an interesting tattoo on a girl’s forearm. It is the portrait of a woman, apparently she is looking lost and sad/serious. She is wearing a beautiful necklace with a pendant in the form of leaf. The whole concept may be of a native american woman.

Beautiful girl tattooed on the arm

A beautiful drawing of a girl tattooed on the arm of a girl. It is done with a lot of realism but at the same time it seems to be a little phantasy because of her hair. This monochromatic tattoo is simply perfect.

Death Girl (Reaper) tattoo

In dark and this girl’s thigh seen a tattoo of the face of the reaper (In a mexican fashion), made with fine details including shadows and highlights, this tattoo is very realistic. The prints that are on the face represent vines that surround this beautiful woman.