Realist Tattoo Archive

Realistic eye tattoo by Niki Norberg

An awesome tattoo done by the Swedish tattoo artist Niki  Norberg, who is renowned for his great talent when it comes to tattoos with amazing realism. An eye tattooed on the arm, the detail is such that you can see the iris texture inside of it. It simply has left me speechless. We invite you to

Black scorpion tattoo on the back

  A black scorpion tattooed on the back of a woman. There are reflections of light and also the change of color in the shell of the scorpion, all this gives it a stunning three dimensional effect. Definitely not a good idea if you dislike the insects. By Sophie Lewis, at Fat Ink Tattoo studio,

Realistic moth tattoo

  An extremely realistic tattoo of a moth landing on the back of a woman. The design has an effect of shadows that give a three dimensional appearance. The edges of the wings have a texture that resembles flowers, and there is a soft blue shading around the body of the moth. This tattoo has

Girl with Dead make up

  The tattoos about Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos) have become very popular, and this one highlights among many for its originality. It is a portrait of a woman with a make up of this day. There are small details like flowers  around the face, similar to how you decorate the sugar skulls.

Swallow tattoo on chest

Swallows are one of the most beautiful birds for many of us, and not for nothing is one of the designs that are chosen at the time of getting a tattoo of birds. The work we have here has left us impressed, that the level of detail makes it look picture in a book of