Religious Tattoo Archive

Meaning of anchor tattoos

Perhaps anchors are one of the most famous and traditional symbols in the tattoo world. In fact, I think that whenever someone thinks about tattoos immediately imagines a proud sailor showing off his anchor tattoos in his biceps (and don’t forget the classic heart with “mom” written bellow, but that is a topic we may

Hands praying

  A religious tattoo which shows a couple of hands holding a rosary while praying. By the details on the design we could tell that those are the hands of some old person, could be either a man or a woman. These hands could be of a loved-one, and the rosary is a clear symbol

Jesus Christ on hand

A religious tattoo that depicts a portrait of Jesus Christ on the hand. The combination is a little bit strange, a portrait must be hard to realize on a place like the hand. Thee portrait shows him in his classical representation, long hair falling down to the shoulders and also a long beard while a

Back tattoo by Anil Gupta

  An interesting tattoo throughout the back, well, the right half of the back. There are several portraits that include, among others, an angel in armor, a virgin, and also Buddha and Ganesh. There’s also other character which I cannot recognize. All this work has been done by Anil Gupta.

Christ tattoo

The portrait of Jesus tattooed on the shoulder of a young woman. A great religious figure undoubtedly. We see the figure of Christ wearing the crown of thorns, therefore we can assume that is an image inspired by The Station of the Cross.