Rib Tattoos Archive

Jack Skellington tattooo

A tattoo done by the talented hands of Papa Tony. It is a design inspired in one of the best movies from Tim Burton: The Nightmare before Christmas. In the design it apears Jack Skellington and his dog Zero, in the background there are two spooky pumpkins. A huge tattoo that covers all the side

The road goes ever on tattoo

Tattoo of a quote in the ribs of a woman, this says: The road goes ever on and on … This is a song fragment which is used in many parts of the books of J.R.R. Tolkien in his saga of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I really like this tattoo, it

Sun tattoo on ribs

The sun with a face tattooed on a woman’s ribs. Made with thin lines and black ink only. The suns represent energy, life and joy, everything positive in life.

Ganes tattoo on stomach and ribs

  Ganesh Tattoo. One of the main deities in Hinduism. It is represented as an elephant shaped god with 4 arms, which carry all sort of tools or weapons. A large tattoo found along the entire abdomen and ribs. A job with impressive realism.

Snake eating an elephant tattoo (The Little Prince)

Tattoo of a famous illustration of the book The Little Prince, when our young protagonist decides to make a drawing of a snake eating an elephant, which is mistaken for a hat. Below is a very significant sentence of the book: you have great truths within you if only anyone would bother to look.