Ribbon Tattoo Archive

Hope tattoo on arm

This tattoo on the arm is very significant, first of all it has a pink ribbon, which represents the global fight breast cancer. In the bottom of the tattoo reads “hope”, which pretty much explains itself. A tattoo of exceptional beauty for what it represents.

Skull with blue bow

  An interesting tattoo of a skull. We usually tend to see the skull tattoos in dark themed works, however, this has a certain charm due to the large blue bow adorning the skull. Below is accompanied by a pair of red roses.

Small tattoos for girls

A couple of small tattoos on the arms of a girl, the first is a small ribbon at the wrist, the other is the phrase Trust yourself on the other arm.

Purple bow tattoo

Purple bow tattoo. Done by Mauricio Huber at Old Friends Tattoo studio at Blumenau, SC, Brazil

Tree tattoo on clavicle

Branch of a tree tattoo, of it come out small bows and uo look 3 birds. Done by the tattooist Dave Samson, Quebec, Canada.