Robot Tattoo Archive

Terminator tattoo

  An awesome tattoo of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or rather, of Terminator. A fantastic iconic film of the 90’s, and it will remain a great movie for years. A very realistic work done with black ink, white and blue inks. Designed and made ??by Sarah Miller.

Purple horse tattoo

  A fantastic tattoo of a purple-pink horse done with an effect that makes it look like it was from metal. It even looks like Robot Unicorn from Adult Swim. Done by Mark Halbstark from who you can check more tattoos here.

R2D2 tattoo (pink version)

From the Star Wars’ movies, a pink R2D2. Other Star Wars tattoos.

Cyborg knee tattoo

Previously we have seen other tattoos that give effect of being robots, here is one more. A robotic knee.

Robot inside tattoo

Tattoo that simulates to be a machine inside.