Roses Tattoo Archive

Cat portrait on shoulder

A portrait of a cat, it seems a Norway forest cat, one of the most popular home breeds. The fur has orange and gray tones which contrast with the yellowish eyes. There is a green highlight on the mirror which gives it a little bit of fantasy touch. The mirror is decorated with one large

Flowers and Mirror Tattoo on Thigh

Flowers, which appear to be decorating a beautiful mirror in the background, created by the talented hand of tattoo artist Gia Rose, of Art Machine Productions studio, and amongst the flowers we find some of the most commonly used by florists: red roses, orchids, daisies and tulips.  

Realistic rose tattoo on arm

We are facing a peculiar rose tattoo with soft pink tones. The high details on this work make it outstanding as it seems almost like a real rose, and the shades give it a mystery look. Designed by Alice Carrier for Anatomy Tattoo in the city of Portland, Oregon. If you live close to Portland, undoubtedly

Pokcet watch and roses

An elegant pocket watch made out of silver located on the forearm of a girl. The clock has roman numerals to show the time. Bellow and above the pocket watch there are two roses, one orange-yellow and the other one red. This a “new school” tattoo which plays with shades and colors in a delightful

Colorful rose tattoo

A multicolor rose is seen in this colorful tattoo, the wide variety of bright colors that make this tattoo a symbol of great joy and make it really attractive Undoubtedly a tattoo that many girls would like to have.