Scarification Archive

Little prince fox tattoo

One of most beautiful parts of The Little Prince book is the fox chapter. Phrase: “I think I’ve been domesticated by a flower” And “You are responsible for what domestic” are unforgettable.

Small scarifications

A small bird scarification between fingers. Done by tattooist Tarmo of Camo Tattoo, in Helsinki Finland.

Feather scarification

This alternative technique of scarification is taking increasingly popular.

Scarifications on wrist and foot

Horse scarifications on wrist and foot.

Euler’s Identity tattoo

This is the first scarification work I upload to the website. It’s a “tattoo technique” (likewise) which has become popular recently. Scarcification is a technique in which the skin is harmed by different methods (burning, cutting, etc…) to create a scar with the wanted shape. Here’s a scarification of the Euler’s identity, quite geek and ideal for all the