Scissor’s Tattoos Archive

Magenta scissors

  A strange tattoo of some magenta scissors, just like those you could find with the hairdresser or in a tailoring. The unusual thing is the intense green smoke that lies as a background, this is perhaps to give it a mysterious look. Work done by Marty McEwen at Black 13 Tattoo Studio.

Scissors tattooed on forearm

A scissors tattoo done in black ink with a slight shading. Made in the tattoo studio Brucius City Tattoo in Californa, USA. Although at first glance this tattoo on his arm appear to be simple, it has details that make it look quite realistic.

Stem balls tattoo

  A very curious tattoo done by Amanda Grace from the Black 13 tattoo shop at Nashville, TN. The drawing is quite uncommon a couple of stem balls, one green the other one purple, in one basket. There’s also a golden scissors int he middle. A tattoo about the love of knitting.

Scissors tattoo on elbow

Another curious and very interesting scissors tattoo. Previously we had seen another pair of them.

Scissor tattoo on hand

Threatening?? Maybe.