Sea Tattoo Archive

Antique diving suit

A tattoo of a helmet of an antique swiming suit. These equipments were invented around the XVII Century and were used to make short immersions under the water.  These suits nowadays are seen as reliques of a time in which undersea was a complete mystery and therefore we can see these suits in museums but also

Heart an anchor tattoo

An intertwined heart and anchor tattoo. Located at the ankle of a girl. The anchor is an emblematic symbol of the sea and is also a symbol of perseverance. The heart attached to the anchor is for sure the love to the sea. The design may not be the best, but for sure it is

Jellyfish tattoo on arm

A perfectly drawn jellyfish tattooed on the arm. The design is made with only black ink in solid lines, which gives it a high contrast and realistic aspect. Personally I found jellyfishes to be mysterious creatures, a primitive species which hasn’t evolved a lot in thousands of year. The designs of marine animals on tattoos are very

Sea waves tattooed on the arm

All the upper arm of this girl is covered by a colorful tattoo as if it was an arm wrist. It is a group of sea waves with tones that go from a dark blue up to a soft blue and then white. The waves are contourned by a black solid line. A beautiful design,

Anchor tattooed on feet

A couple of small tattoos inked on the toes of a girl. Each of them is an identical anchor made with only black ink and tattooed on the inner side of the toes. Anchors are oftenly tattooed on the foot as symbols of stability. Would you like to get a tattoo like this? Share it