Sea Tattoo Archive

Aquarium tattoo through the arm

A big tattoo throughout the arm which is full of colors and joy. It is a marine scene exceptionally tattooed, composition and color combination is exquisite, this tattoo is full of small details that make a whole magnificent. A great work!

Fish tattoo on stomach

A unique tattoo of a large fish in the middle of the stomach-chest of this guy, done aside, specifically on the ribs. Done with dark inks and with great skill. Ideal for those who love marine animals.

Diver tattoo on the calf

Tattoo of a diver in the calf of a man. With an old school design, this tattoo has many peculiarities. First you can see the diver with an ax in his hand, a knife in the wrist, and industrial boots, looks very similar to the first diving suits. To make the effect of being immersed

Poseidon’s Trident tattoo

  Poseidon’s trident tattooed on the forearm of a woman. The most symbolic way to represent this god from Greek’s mythology who has the control of the seas. Failure to have the favor of this god, would put the sailors in risk of a shipwreck. The tattoo shows the trident and the sea full of

Captain skull tattoo

  Tattoo of the skull of a captain. The work is done in an old school style, the skull has red stain in the front and it’s missing some teeth. But what really gives this touch of “a sailor” are the hat and that great  beard. Tattoo done by Peter Lagergren, who works in Malmö