Sea Tattoo Archive

Blue Whale tattoo on biceps

  Tattoo of a blue whale, the largest animal that lives today, tattooed on the biceps of a man. The tattoo comes with an effect that simulates waves around the whale. By Patrick from Pacific Ink @ San Diego, California.

Pirate skeleton girl tattoo

 An interesting tattoo of a pirate skeleton girl. Done on the calf of a girl. A funny details is the fact that the pirate girls also has her own tattoos done with blue ink. A tattoo on another tattoo, we gotta goo deeper man!

Manta ray tribal tattoo

A Ray (or also Skate) tattooed on the shoulder of a man. There’s a clear influence of tribal designs. Rays are one of the many mysterious creatures that inhabit our oceans. Tattoo done by Christina Sparrow  at Gaslight Gallery @ Houston, Texas.

Dolphin jumping out of the water tattoo

Dolphins are one of the most common animals for tattoos, and perhaps are one of the favorite designs for a “first tattoo”. There are plenty of reasons for this: gorgeous and elegant animals, and also smart with a high sense of empathy. In this design we can see it jumping out of the water, the

Dolphin tattoo on feet

  A tattoo of dolphin done on blue and purple inks with a solid baseline. A work done on the feet of a girl, which is one of the favorite places for girls. Many people admire dolphin because of their high intelligence and great empathy they can develope towards us, also, they are a great symbol