Sea Tattoo Archive

Dolphin tattoo for girls

 A foot tattoo for girls, it is a simple dolphin jumping out of the water. I find this tattoo quite simple, aesthetic and great for girls.  I think feet tattoos are great for girls as they can display them in many ocassions.

Girl riding a fish tattoo

A very cute and interesting tattoo of a girl riding on the back of a fish. It’s a beautiful design that shows harmony and love to the sea. It also contains a couple of smaller fishes that makethe background by emerging from the hair of the girl. Tattoo done on the shoulder of a girl.

Photo of a mom with her girl

A beautiful photo of a young mother with her kid at the beach. The tattoos cannot be seen clearly but it is just a great shot.

Orange jellyfish tattoo

Jellyfish are one of the most enigmatic animals in the sea, also they are quite dangerous to us. This tattoo impressed me a lot for all the details and the intense colors in it.

Octopus tattoo on back and nape

A great tattoo of an octopus done at the upper back and nape of a girl. Work done by Alfredo Matta at Cicada Tattoo located at Seattle, Washington.