Seashell tattoo Archive

Geometric pattern in Heart

A beautiful heart tattoo on the arm. Half of it (the ventricles) appear to be a Rubby due to the geometric patterns on it. The other half looks more natural-like, with realistic patterns but also flowers and seashells. Done by the artist Kendal Harkey at the American Studio Golden Lotus.

Pearl tattoo on forearm

A tattoo with black ink. It is an open oyster which shows a pearl inside it. The beauties that the sea gives to the humanity? This is the first time I see a tattoo of a pearl, and I really like it. Tattoo done on the forearm of a woman.

Crab tattoo with an angry face (Heikegani)

  There are tattoos which represent more than we may see at first look. This is the case of one of them, it’s a crab in blue and red colors and on his back is the face of an angry man. The guard looks looks “nasty” and it is exactly the purpose of it. This

Nautilus tattoo on the arm

A Nautiulus tattooed on the arm of a man. It is an animal with a very beautiful shell which closely resembles that of the ammonites. The shell of this animal is made in “chunks” in black ink, the inside has been left out of ink to give a light effect. We invite you to view

Nautilus tattoo at ribs

A nautilus tattooed at the ribs of a girl. We could also say it’s an ammonite.