Shark Tattoo Archive

Shark Anatomy Tattoo

A peculiar tattoo, done by Valentin Hirsch, in which we can see in vivid detail a good portion of the internal organs of a shark. Who would get such a tattoo? Perhaps some marine biologist who is fascinated by these sharks o someone with a fondness for studying the anatomy of sea creatures.  

Great white shark on arm

One of the most feared creatures of the seas: The Great White Shark. A design done with high realism, it even recreates the highlights caused by the light entering the water. A magnificent work done by Hedi Gotz at the studio Vero Beach. Sharks are one of the most classical designs, though, usually are not made

Shark Tattoo by David Hale

    An impressive tattoo of a shark. An animal which David Hale has managed to give an amazing aspect, using the contrast of colors and a variety of curved lines & unfinished lines that give this shark movement and a threatening appearance. Sharks are one of the classical symbols for tattoos as they are seen as creatures

Shark tattoo on arm

A shark tattoo on the middle of the arm, with the classic style of tattoos. Check more shark tattoos.

Shark tattoo on head

With that I saw the whale tattoo, then I remembered this. Today is unofficial Sailor day Do you think? Interestingly this young tattooed a shark on skull.