Silhouette Tattoo Archive

Continents of the World Map Tattoo

A map, showing only the outlines of the five continents, on this man’s forearm. The map, while at first glance might seem simple enough, actually is fairly complex. Complex? Well yes, it’s no simple task to orient this drawing correctly so that it looks right.  

Silhouette bird tattoo on wrist

The silhouette of an unknown bird tattooed on a girl’s wrist. It is a aesthetic tattoo, with a simple shape / shadow made with only black ink. Quite simple, but it may look great in some persons. Inspired in the song of Blackbird singing at LA Tattoo, in Los Angeles.

Home where I wanted to go

On the wrist of a man there’s the phrase “Home, where I wanted I go“.  Above the phrase there’s the silhouette of a plane flying. One can assume that the person wearing this tattoo on your wrist you are away from home and want to be with his family.

Carpe diem on foot

The famous phrase Carpe Diem which refers to “live the moment” it is actually translated as “take the day”. It is accompanied by a small dandelion which it is falling apart and from which small birds come out. Done at the foot of a woman.

Silhouette cat tattoo

Cat silhouette tattoo done ??behind ear, a simple but quite good tattoo. Done by Rian  from  Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood studio, California.