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Awesome ideas for engagement rings

Indeed, once again I’ve decided to put together a compilation of what I consider some of the best ideas I’ve seen so far, and in this post I bring you some tattoo ideas for couples, especially for those who have a future wedding in mind. By the way, congratulations to all the married couples! And without

Skull with Sinister Message Tattoo

One of those tattoos that seeks to send a very direct message to all who see it up close. This sinister message, “I Wish You The Worst”, is accompanied by a skull. A tattoo created by Alex, in Red Anchor Tattoo Co.  

Samurai Skull Tattoo

This Samurai, done by Nick Baldwin, of whom all that remains is a head and the helmet he wore into battle. A warrior which, during a long period of time, was the ultimate representation of authority in feudal Japan and whose effigy is still, for many Japanese, the highest expression of honor.  

Black Skull Tattoo with Branches

A skull is the focus of this tattoo, done by tattoo artist Evgeny Mel. From the skull emerge four long tree branches, extending to the bottom knuckles, where we can also see tattoos of a series of Roman numerals, which add up to 87.

Gears of Wars Skull Tattoo on Back

A pretty sinister skull, adorning the shoulder blade of its owner. This skull appears to be emerging from some type of lake or even the moon, which has been surrounded by some dark roots, giving it an even grimmer feeling. Design inspired by the videogame Gears of Wars.