Small Tattoo Archive

Pikachu Tattoo Behind Ear

One of the most well-known Pokemon in the world, this design was created by TJ Lout in Dogstar Tattoo in Durham, North Carolina. Drawn in a partially hidden location, which will certainly be covered by this woman’s hair, it’s the perfect tattoo for those who grew up with these friendly creatures. Pika pika.

Simple cube tattoo

Done with the simplest design that someone could imagine: a cube. Maybe this could be the most minimalistic tattoo I’ve ever seen (economic on ink?) Geometric figures are often associated with balance and harmony, and this tattoo could represent the same. Even thought that is a simple tattoo, one can notice that the work was

Tattoo about love on the arm

A tattoo on the arm with 4 powerful and meaningful words: Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love. A tattoo that is meant to inspire her daily life.

Cross tattooed on the nape

A quite simple tattoo of a solid-black cross. Done on the nape of a girl. This design can be seen as a symbol of devotion, but also as a protection sign. In recent years this design has become relly popular between girls.

Deer tattooed on the nape

Spider, member of T Cats in Flint did this tattoo on the neck of a girl. The studio is located in Michigan City, and is perhaps a must go if you want an artistic desgin such as this. The tattoo is the silhouette of a deer, a mysterious animal that is a symbol of the