Snake Tattoo Archive

Black Snake with Sword Tattoo

A spectacular black and yellow snake, which appears to be emerging from some sort of river, created by tattoo artist David Andrew Swambo. This fantastic serpent (quite similar to a black Mamba) is seen coiling around some type of dagger or knife, and quite aggressively too.  

Geometric Snake Tattoo on Abdomen and Arm

A spectacular black skinned snake, coiling up around itself along the arm, side, back and most of the abdomen of this man. This snake, whose head is not visible in this picture, was created expertly by French tattoo artist Xoil.  

Ouroboros red ink tattoo

  The Ouroboros symbol which consists of a snake eating its own tail. A symbol of the northern European tribes representing constant self renew. In a way it reminds me the enzo symbol of Japanese culture. Tattoo done with only red ink at Adiction Pain @ El Salvador.

Rose and snake tattoo

This tattoo has fascinated me, it is a rose which has a scaly texture, pretending to be part of a snake. The body of the rose is the most attractive part of the tattoo, but discreetly aside there’s the head of the snake.

Snake eating an elephant tattoo (The Little Prince)

Tattoo of a famous illustration of the book The Little Prince, when our young protagonist decides to make a drawing of a snake eating an elephant, which is mistaken for a hat. Below is a very significant sentence of the book: you have great truths within you if only anyone would bother to look.