Snake Tattoo Archive

Feet tattoos at El Monga Sasturain

A couple of old fashioned tattoos on the feet. At one foot there’s a tattoo of a snake with a sword and the Anuit Coeptis set on fire. On the other one, there’s a skull from which plants are growing. Both were done at the tattoo studio El Monga Sasturain at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Snake and eagle tattoo

 A snake and an eagle fighting above a skull. Work done by Richard Stell.

Snakeskin tattoo

Tattoo simulating snakeskin, many scales. Something very common in people who do extreme modifications. Tattoo done by Ja Sloba.

Snake tattoo by Valentin Hirsch

Look how amazing tattoos does the colleague Valentin Hirsch, lives in Germany, in case someone wants to go visit.

Snake tattoo on leg

A snake around a dagger tattooed on leg. Also muscles areseen “under skin” tattooed.