Spider Tattoo Archive

Spider web on the knee

  A drawing done by Max Fecondo. The design is reversed in colors in such a way that the strings keep the color of the skin while the empty spaces are black. It is a spider web tattooed on the knee of a boy, the center poses a yellow ring. These kind of tattoos are

Old school spider tattoo

  Tattoo of a spider with a slightly red shading below it. Designed like the Old School ones and done on the leg. It is a work done by the tattooist Josh Stephens,  at Richmond Virginia. Most of his works are made with this classic style.

Skull spider tattoo

A tattoo of a spider with a skull on the back. A symbol about it being dangerous, or even lethal.

Spider tattoo by Ian Wahnschaffe

Spider tattoo on throat, on his back  seems the  Annuit Coeptis symbol. And it is my honor to present the artist Ian Wahnschaffe who currently works in the Buenos Aires City, and who will soon give us an interview, right? I highly recommend that you follow he on Facebook and if you live in Buenos

Tarantula tattoo on shoulder

Tarantula tattoo on shoulder of a boy.